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Hotel Rothaus
Sihlhallenstrasse 1
8004 Zurich

The Rothaus is located directly at Langstrasse and is easily accessible from Zurich main station and the city center by public transport, taxi or private car. Thanks to its central location our hotel is easy to get to from wherever you are in Zurich.

By public transport: 5 min from Zurich main station Bus 31,direction Schlieren, 4 stops, get of at Militär/Langstrasse the hotel Rothaus is just 30 meters from the busstop.
By foot it is a 12 minute wakk from Zurich main station.
By car (GPS 47°22,285′/8°32,446′/). Please note that there are only very limited overnight parking facilities close to the hotel. Make sure to book a parking space by mail.

(see area map)

Hotel Rothaus

Sihlhallenstrasse 1 / 8004 Zurich

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